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support iPhoneX please!

support iPhoneX please!


Pretty good. It's very easy to share notes with texts and pictures.



So simple and great!

I like it so much that I am spending time to write a review for it

So far so good

Simple, organized. I like how the first sentence is automatically turns into the subject

Nice app

I have tried them all on both platforms. This one is pretty good, easy to use, nice features and looks good


Easy to use and easy to share your notes on wechat and weibo. Offers good formatting automatically. From China's most charismatic and trustworthy businessman, Luo Yonghao, the Dragon Brother. Have a try :)


Simple, elegant, user friendly.


The best and most beautiful note app I have ever seen

best notes taking app i have ever used

Support Mr. Luo without buying his phone

Very beautiful UI

Very beautiful UI

THE notebook I'm using on my smartphone

And I love its markdown functionality so much! One suggestion - it seems that the inserted pic looks smaller in the markdown mode than its original look. Can you adjust the margin to make it maximize the usage of the space when inserting pics? Thx. Anyway, great product!

OH WOW! Stunning APP!

What a pleasant and stunning surprise! It's stunning and I'm in love! Thank you to the developers. Everything it does is PERFECT and everything it doesn't do is even more PERFECT. I'm in awe!! Sick of apps / developers that cram everything and the kitchen sink into one product while trying to fulfill the wet dreams of every neurotic, lazy, or Type A person ... with the attention span of a toddler moving on to the next shiny toy when some trivial matter comes up that they can't address in 'one swipe', because they are 'too busy ?' to manage two or 3 swipes, leaving the rest of us w cluttered ugly apps that require manuals to use; I can't express enough how brilliant this app is... Brilliant & breathtaking. Thanks again to the developers!! xo


very sweet; I love the design

Fall in love with writing

Just because I downloaded this app. It has made writing such a pleasant thing.

look great


Probably the best note app ever

This is the first review I wrote on AppStore as a long time iOS user form iOS 2. I recommend this app to the people who miss materialized design in the earlier period, and willing to order his note not only automatically by newly edited, but also manually.

iPad version

Please make an iPad version of this app. Very pretty app!

its been just helpful

lovely app. only a few step to learn and u r ready!the ios built-in note doesn't support image note but this one does!

非常喜欢markdown mode!赞!


Very good

Very user friendly, except no undo function.

very good



excellent design

Good App

The best note app I have ever used!





The best app!!

I love the app so much! I can't stop write everything with it !!



careful design

And very interesting choice of footers!

Best on iOS

Best note app on iOS ever, so much better than the note comes with the system, both appearance and usability. Keep up, fellows!




The best note app I have ever used.



Best note

So neat and beautiful

This is really a good one!

It's pretty simple and clean, I have replaced my default note app with this one. Highly recommended!



Could be better

Good job! Add color, size, and watermark options please!


What can I say? This is what a "note" app look like.

Very good note taking app!!!

Delightfully designed. It's way more convenient than stock note taking app.

Delegant hi,I like it

Keep coming


Beautiful design and intuitive functionality make this simple app a joy to use.

不支持iPhone 6 Plus

界面不适配iPhone 6 Plus

很优雅的 app

但是不支持 iPhone 6,很可惜。 什么时候能支持啊?



get this app!

This app is so simple and modern. It's easier to write! Don't even bother using your note's on your phone use this one! :-)

The best note I ever used

It's simple and elegant



Please Update

please update for iPhone 6 plus



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